Monday, March 16, 2009

Chicken & Broccoli

I truly appreciate the 'made from scratch' recipes. I really do. They translate into fabulous dishes, and it seems every bite only beckons you to take another, and another. I remember, as a child, my grandmother (Nannie) over the batu giling, grinding every spice to make a specific dish, every dish having it's own set of ground ingredients. Pots over a low fire, its contents simmering patiently. If we were in the afternoon session of school, lunch (made from scratch!) would be ready for us by 11am. Looking back, where was there time to prepare lunch? Did she pull out time from her bottomless pot? (Bottomless pot is what I called it because the whole family would eat and eat, and there would still be more). I'm sure she would scoff at me as I share this recipe with you.

But sometimes I just want convenience. Besides picking up the phone, this Chicken & Broccoli is one of the best. It's easy to make and the kids will eat every bite of it. I learnt this from my Canadian friend, Beth.

Here's what I do :

Chicken breast meat 1 1/2 pcs
Broccoli 1 medium head
Cream of Chicken Soup 1 can
Mayonnaise 1 tbsp
Milk 1/3 cup (approx)
Breadcrumbs for sprinkling
Grated cheese for sprinkling

Boil chicken meat in a pot of water with a little salt, about 20 minutes. When cooked through, shred into an oven-proof casserole. Cut the broccoli into florets and blanch. Lay on top of chicken. Add a few tablespoons of the boiling water. In a separate bowl, mix the chicken soup, mayonnaise, and enough milk to make a creamy sauce. Spread this on top of the broccoli. Top with breadcrumbs and cheese. Bake in 190C oven for 40-45 minutes or till the sides bubble and the top is brown. (If the top seems to brown too quickly, cover with aluminium foil).

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