Saturday, April 25, 2009

Problem - Dome Cupcakes

I made my entry for this month's Sweet & Simple Bakes challenge - Vanilla Cupcakes. So very excited about posting it but have to be a little more patient till posting date on May 1st. (Only a week away....) In making the cupcakes, I encountered a 'phenomenon'. I have a small oven so had to bake the goodies in 2 batches. The first batch yielded flat topped cupcakes - great. But the second batch yielded dome-topped cupcakes. Same batter, same temperature, same tins. Only difference was obviously, the second batch had to sit a while. When making cupcakes, I've almost always had slightly dome-tops, and always thought I had over-filled each case and always reminded myself to put in less batter (notice I said 'always' but guess I keep forgetting!)

So, what am I doing wrong here? Anyone had the same experience and can share their expertise? Anyone.... help....?
What happened? First batch on the left, second batch on the right.


  1. Hi Illona,

    I hope this helps; as a rule of filling the cupcake cases - fill only to 3/4 full leaving room for the cakes to expand when baking.

    Best wishes Rosie x

  2. Thanks Rosie. I will have to keep a more careful eye when filling the cases. I plan to make more of these cupcakes - so lots of opportunity to get it right. :)


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