Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Origami Birds for Earth Day

It's Earth Day, but I think we should wake up everyday thinking of how we can protect the environment in our own little way. I'm no technical genius on how to harness natural power, nor can explore the heights and depths of the world to chart its deterioration. No, I try to do what I can from my own little kitchen. I'm sure you do to.

To celebrate Earth Day, I made these little origami birds out of newspaper for Etienne to take to school. One for each classmate and for his teachers. Nothing spectacular, but a simple message which 8-9 year olds can relate to. Repurposing old newspaper into crafts.

Happy Earth Day! Reduce, reuse,recycle,repurpose.


  1. wow! good one, the origami bird from recycled paper to pass the message of 'love our earth'!

    let's get down to doing the 'fermented dishwasher'! :-)

  2. Ya, want to try the fermented dishwasher but don't know enough to be 100% convinced. Might later discover we've not been doing the right thing. Will update.


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